Best Way to Invest 100k

What is the Best Way to Invest 100k? How to safely invest money in order to enjoy the highest profits? Investing money requires having free financial resources that we can utilize based on our chosen way. Using the bank’s offer and starting a savings account will simply allow you to gather funds. However, you should count with a variable interest rates, which are dependent on market trends. Savings account or CDs might not the best way to invest 100k but it gives you the possibility of accessing the money any time without losing interest. With a savings account at a bank we are able to make additional payments to the deposit and execute free transfers from your savings account to your checking account. This is not the best way, but safest to keep $ 100,000 as interest on savings accounts and CDs is just a little more than 1% right now.

the best way to invest 100kWhat is the Best Way to Invest 100k then or even a better one? Another way to invest money is to trying mutual funds or the stock market. The fund you choose is committed to invest the money to bring as high profit as possible. Many investors suggest to stuck with a managed fund, rather than buying individual shares at the stock market. The most important here is a diversification, even for those who have smaller sums to invest. Be careful if any adviser recommends putting all your money in one product like investment bond. Blue chip stocks and stock funds are usually not considered high risk. Some high class companies like Alcoa, General Electric, IBM, Exxon can give you a decent return rate of 10% to 16% annually, depending on market conditions. At a good average growth rate of just 10 percent per year, your 100k would be worth about 250k after ten years. To achieve such a goal it’s best to seek out, by way of referral, for a qualified investment counselor. Working with a “pro” from the beginning can be very rewarding.

Another way to safely invest $100,000 is to purchase treasury bonds. The fact that the issuer is a state provides a high investment security. Treasury bonds are different among each other by interest rates and the maturity dates. Bonds can be purchased on the secondary and the primary market. The Issuer after a specified amount of time is obliged to return the loan with interest.

I’d like to mention Forex here as well. Although it’s more difficult way of investing than the stock market, it can be also very rewarding if done properly. The proper way is to use good Forex Robot or to buy tips from qualified forex counselor, unless you like to learn it all by yourself.

Each of these forms of locating the free cash has its supporters and opponents, each with its pros and cons . The best way to invest 100k is to portion your 100,000 dollars (for example: $50,000 – mutual funds, $20,000 – stock market, $20,000 – bonds, $10,000 Forex ) to try few of them and see what works best. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

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