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Collecting and Selling Autographs as an Investment

Collecting and Selling Autographs can be an Investment. It happens to me sometimes to browse through the various categories on The inspiration to write this post was a multitude of items sold under “autographs and manuscripts”. Here is a quote from one of these auctions with autographs:
“I offer yo...

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List of Best Stocks to Buy in 2014

List of Best Stocks to Buy in 2014. Take a look at my best investment picks for 2014 and learn which of these shares can yield the highest profit. It is known that there are many different ways of investing money. Some people decide to purchase property or land, others invest in the development of their own business. In each of these examples, it is important, however, to keep the sound management of the budget and to develop the action plan, which aims to double the capital. However, when we talk about the stock market, you can name a few companies that, no matter what will happen in the world of Economics, in 2014 should not bring losses for investors. Here is a List of Best Stocks to Buy in 2014:

Google (GOOG, 1060...

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Investing in Hedge Funds Risks

Investing in Hedge Funds Risks. They say gedge funds are for suckers. Let’s take a look at this type of investment to define its pros and cons. Hedge funds have been known worldwide for years. The best advertisement for them are their investment results so that more and more people take an interest in this form of investing. Like many new financial products, hedge funds in the initial period were available only for a few. The chosen ones were usually wealthy private banking clients. Over time, interest in this form of investment has become so large that hedge funds have been offered to a wide range of clients. The origins of the hedge funds date back to the fifties. Then the first specialized institutions offered transactions that could hedge investors against fluctuations...

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What to do with 10000 dollars?

What to do with 10000 dollars? There’s a lot of ways to spend 10 000. I assume if you haven’t spend it yet, you consider different options. That different option I’m talking about is investing. It’s always better to have fun trying to multiply money that spending them on something you actually don’t need right now. And which one of the investment options is the best? It is believed by many investors that $10,000 is up limit of amount of money that pays up to invest. Why? Bank deposits, CDs or other not risky kinds of investments do not require you to look after them which enables you to earn cash at the same time. So let’s think what to do with 10000 dollars to make it more favorable than bank deposits...

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Which investment has the most risk?

Which investment has the most risk? As we know risk lies at the core of all investments. High return rates on investments are great because you do not need to invest so much money to reach your investing goals. However, mind that the higher return you require, the more risk you have to take to get it. For instance, the lottery is a type of investment that pays an enormous huge rates of return, however the risk of loss is simply outstanding. Investing in stocks is usually safer than putting money in lottery tickets but carry a lot of risk as well.

Therefore most experts say that the popular investments with highest risk are:
– stocks (especially in futures and options – derivatives)
– commodities
– forex markets
– money market mutual funds
– hedge funds
– goverment bonds of the countries li...

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Which investment gives the highest return?

Which investment gives the highest return? Many investment options exist that offer high return on your money. There are a few investment plans for high returns, but people that look for making a quick cash ought to be warned against all the possible risks. Below is a list of investments that yield more on your money. The investment portfolio should ensure you high yield, as low risk as possible and diversity.

Where I have to invest for best returns ?


Stocks have always brought the highest rates of return among all investments possible. If you put your money into specific stocks your return can be very high over several years or decades. All you need to do is predict which companies will be going to do well in the future...

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Best place to invest in Real Estate in 2013

What is the best place to invest in Real Estate in 2013? Well, finding a good piece of investment property is actually harder than you think. But following simple steps listed below you will be able to find a good investment property easier.

Firstable, decide on what your investment lenght will be. Set the length of time that you plan owning the property. Look for another piece of real estate that you consider to invest in if the asking price seems to be too large for your time period.

Then find out how much money you’d have to spend for repairs and maintenance, considering that you rent the house out for a certain time.  Short-term investors should concentrate on  the real estate that has smaller costs of maintenance...

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No Load Funds vs Load Funds

No Load Funds vs Load Funds comparison. Firstable let me explain you what is a no load-fund mutual fund. A load is a commission you pay on the mutual fund. With a no-load mutual fund, you don’t have to pay a commission for your mutual fund because it is distributed to you directly from the investment company. Load mutual funds usually charge you a percentage of your return. For example, they might charge you a 3% commission. If you make a 6% return, you only get 3%. This is an example of a back-ended fund because the commission is taken out of the proceeds. This is slightly better than a front-end fund because the fee you pay has had time to earn money. With a front-end fund, you pay the 3% up front and that money has no chance to earn any money.

No load mutual funds and load mutual fu...

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