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Best funds to invest in nowadays

Best funds to invest in now are those who in last year or so brought profits above inflation.¬†Unfortunately, not every fund achieves attractive results. So how do you choose the investment fund that will allow you to invest for a profit? A one of recent issues of Forbes gives us an interesting way of how to invest in mutual funds. The point is that it is worth to see who is managing the investment fund. In the last year almost 400 fund managers have changed their job. Forbes notes that a person who is likely to be fired is not engaging in work as he used to before, so the fund he’s managing may lose...

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What to invest in now

In this article I will tell you what to invest in now, so that your profits were as high as possible. The process of multiplying money should be as far as possible compatible with your aptitudes and abilities.  What to invest money in 2013 to multiply your money effectively?
Of course you can invest in any way and no one can forbid you to do this. However if you do not have a clue about it, and decide, for instance, to trade shares on the Stock Exchange, being guided by intuition, of course, you can earn, but often, however, the happiness won’t last long probably and eventually you might lose all the money you invested.
So, what to invest in nowadays safely? If you are familiar with investments you will definitely know that the biggest gains brings the forex market which operates throug...

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