Collecting and Selling Autographs as an Investment

Collecting and Selling Autographs can be an Investment. It happens to me sometimes to browse through the various categories on The inspiration to write this post was a multitude of items sold under “autographs and manuscripts”. Here is a quote from one of these auctions with autographs:
“I offer you today autograph of late Charlton Heston. This is the original signature of the outstanding actor obtained through correspondence. The signature is on a great picture in his most recognizable role of George Taylor from “Planet of the Apes”. In the picture there is also the date of the signature.”

Mainly young people deal with autographs’ collecting, and often praise about their autograph trophies on their blogs. Informations on the collection of this type of memorabilia can also be found at online autograph collectors discussion forums, like: Looking through this kind of blogs, as I mentioned above, you can determine which of the stars even deign to answer to letter sent, asking for an autograph.

Sometimes you just get a return letter only after sending your own photos, and return envelope. To receive a letter with autograph you may be waiting even a few months. Sometimes you get an autograph with a dedication signed by hand. It happens that the star or agency representing him/her or person engaged in contact with the fans sends pictures with printed signature. This kind of autograph is the least valued among collectors in the world. Some people, happen to send in an envelope, even books to be signed. Here, it should be noted, that the easiest way to get a signature on a book written by someone is to attend to its press promotion. Usually author signs the newly purchased copies on the spot.

From what I’ve read from the collector’s report on one of the blogs that sent dozens of letters, the feedback response he achieved was barely about 8%. With this in mind, it is particularly important, that before sending the letters, it’s best to determine from whom is the greatest chance to obtain a return letter. This will save you unnecessary costs, because sending dozens of envelopes, stamps and photos can grow to a serious amount of money.

Where to find the addresses of famous people, actors and celebrities?

Addresses of famous people usually are not public. You can search for them on the web or ask for them other autograph collectors. If you can’t find the address of the star, you can write to the address of the agency that represent a particular celebrity. Sometimes letters are also sent to the address of the theater, in which the actor is working. Also participating in concerts and getting VIP tickets gives you the opportunity to meet celebrities up close, take a photo with them and get an autograph. Autographed photos are acquired by exchanging with other collectors.

Selling of Autographs

How to sell collected autographs? The easiest way is to put your autograph on ebay auction, setting a minimum asking price at the level at which you won’t regret to divest yourself of personally acquired autographs.