How many millionaires are there in the world?

How many millionaires are there in the world? CapGemini Corporation and the Canadian RBC Wealth Management conducted a global survey on citizens whose wealth valued at a million dollars and more. It turned out that the economic problems in Europe and the U.S. fiscal hardships in no way affect the number of millionaires. Number of millionaires increased substantially in 2012, reaching a record level. In 2011, this number stayed virtually unchanged, but for the last year grew by 9.2% – there are 12 million millionaires currently living on the planet. Together, their assets have also increased – by 10%. World millionaires together  have 46.2 trillion (1 000 000 000 000) dollars. This is much more than before “crisis” – back in 2007 the world’s wealth of millionaires were together worth “only” 40.7 trillion dollars.

What is the number of millionaires in US?

North America has become the continent with the fastest growing number of millionaires. U.S. and Canada is home to more than 4 million millionaires. The second region in this classification is the region of Asia Pacific countries with 3.68 million millionaires. The current trend, according to economists, suggests that in the near future this region will overtake North America – it can happen even in two years. Wealthy Americans will be overtakne by Asians from the developing Asian countries as well as China.

There are reports that say that there are about 5 million millionaires just in the US. Take a look at this video:

Learn who is the world’s greatest investor according to many sources. Mind that this man is actually a billionaire.

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