I have 1000 to invest what should I do?

I have 1000 to invest what should I do?  How to invest 1000 dollars to make money? Too many young people wait much too long to start investing. Even if you have only 1000 dollars to invest now then starting today is the best move you can make due to the power of interest compounding. Suppose that you’re 25 and you’d like to retire at the age of 65. By investing your 1000 dollars today with earning an annual rate of return of 7%, then after 40 years this 1000 will have turned into 14974 dollars. But if you invest the same amount of money when you are 30 then at 65 you’ll have 10677 $ only. Not so much? But suppose that you invest 1000$ every year. Beginning at age of 25, you’ll have 214610 dollars by the time you are 65. Starting investing 1000$ every year at the age of 30 and you will have only 148913 dollars.

I have 1000 dollars what should I invest in?

I’ve looked through many posts on several forums and collected the ideas here. As you can guess there aren’t many good options what to invest $1000.

I have 1000 to invest what should I do now– buying something that could sell for 1200$. Used high end bicycles are pretty good to buy and sell; buy and sell on eBay,
– use it for peer-to-peer lending (mind that any given amount of money takes up to 3 years to get back because only a few people pay off early),
– buying silver (especially Silver Bullion but it’s long-term investment),
– investing in stock market index funds (unless you don’t need your 1000$ for another 5 to 10 years),
– buying call options (if you think the market is going up; if the stock doubles you can turn 1K into 6-10K but you could lose it all as well),
– buying mobile homes and selling or renting them out,
– paying your debts if you have any,
– trading at the stock market (however mind that $1000 is not much money to play with in the stock market),
– saving that money (you can put it in a bank but interest rates are poor),
– buying a mutual fund or ETF that pays dividends and then reinvesting the dividends,
– recording a song and selling it online (just kidding, unless you’re really talented).

Investing can be your first step in building a financially secure future – it’s great that you’re ready to take that step. However, remember to educate yourself first and take reasonable decisions everytime you wonder what should you invest your money in.

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