List of Best Stocks to Buy in 2014

List of Best Stocks to Buy in 2014. Take a look at my best investment picks for 2014 and learn which of these shares can yield the highest profit. It is known that there are many different ways of investing money. Some people decide to purchase property or land, others invest in the development of their own business. In each of these examples, it is important, however, to keep the sound management of the budget and to develop the action plan, which aims to double the capital. However, when we talk about the stock market, you can name a few companies that, no matter what will happen in the world of Economics, in 2014 should not bring losses for investors. Here is a List of Best Stocks to Buy in 2014:

Google (GOOG, 1060.79 dollars) – the popular Internet search engine, that will increase its profits by entering the market for ads appearing on mobile devices,
Apple (AAPL, 554.43 dollars) – the manufacturer of the popular iPad and iPhone, its position is still growing on the market of mobile devices,
Visa (V, 207.36 dollars) – credit card processor with the potential to generate 20% of the annual increase in profits thanks to the gradual transition from paper to electronic transactions with the use of “plastic”, while increasing its margins and free cash flow,
PVH (PVH, 129.06 dollars) – the recent purchase of WARNACO brand by this company opens its wide growth opportunities in Europe,
3M (MMM, 126.43 dollars) – an industrial company with a competitive dividend
Monsanto (MON, 110.66 dollars) –  a leading global supplier of seeds and insecticide products,
Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO, 101.34 dollars) – laboratory equipment company,
ExxonMobil (XOM, 95.31 dollars) – fuel company
Caterpillar (CAT, 86.05 dollars) – high quality industrial company, which has steadily increasing dividends,
Qualcomm (QCOM, 72.58 dollars) – manufacturer of electronic equipment,
Pentair (PNR, 70.01 dollars) –  manufacturer of pumps and valves for water treatment,
Royal Dutch Shell (RDS, 66.57 dollars) – European petrochemical company, that has the ability to profit, even if the price of diesel would drop to $70 a barrel,
CBS (CBS, 58.42 dollars) – a giant on the broadcasting market,
JPMorgan Chase (JPM, 56.17 dollars) – one of the largest financial holdings in the world,
Nucor (NUE, 51.59 dollars) – steel producer,
Lifepoint Hospitals (LPNT, 50.70 dollars) – the expected increase in value of the shares of this company in 2014 thanks to health care reform in the United States,
iShares Europe (IEV, 44.67 dollars) – investment company,
Microsoft (MSFT, 36.69 dollars) – a giant company producing software with a stable position on the stock exchange market,
Marathon Oil (MRO, 35.80 dollars) – Texas energy company,
Cisco Systems (CSCO, 20.24 dollars) – the company associated with the computer industry,
PulteGroup (PHM, 18.03 dollars) – the housing developer,
Coty (COTY, 15.25 dollars) – a thriving company in the personal care market,
GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT, 8.02 dollars) – manufacturer of innovative materials used in the manufacture of mobile phones and other devices.

There are companies’ names abbreviations given in brackets and the stocks’ prices from December 2013. Among the above mentioned companies there are high-quality industrial, technology and computer businesses etc. For many investors, the stock market is the best place to invest money. Remember that it is recommended to have a diversified stock portfolio, not focusing exclusively on one type of shares or one company.

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