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Which investment gives the highest return?

Which investment gives the highest return? Many investment options exist that offer high return on your money. There are a few investment plans for high returns, but people that look for making a quick cash ought to be warned against all the possible risks. Below is a list of investments that yield more on your money. The investment portfolio should ensure you high yield, as low risk as possible and diversity.

Where I have to invest for best returns ?


Stocks have always brought the highest rates of return among all investments possible. If you put your money into specific stocks your return can be very high over several years or decades. All you need to do is predict which companies will be going to do well in the future...

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I have money to invest what should I do?

I have money to invest what should I do? It is quite normal to ask this question at the beginning of your investment road. This article focuses on providing you with all the investing basics and options you have. Firstable, if you have a lot of money, you do not need to know how to invest at all. You will always find somebody who knows it and can take care of. There are many brokers and companies offering assistance in investing, for example in different types of funds. You only need to have the money, and then the rest will be done by someone else who knows the topic and is insured against the consequences of making bad decisions and losing money of his customers.

I have money to invest what should I do? What are my options?

I have money to invest what should I do nowInvesting options depend on your finance ability...

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How to invest as a teenager

Do you have any idea how to invest as a teenager? – I was once asked by Peter, my cousin via e-mail. That’s what he said: “I have some money set aside (over 1000 dollars) but I’m 15 years old so there aren’t many options for me … What can I invest in to multiply the money? Because now I keep my money at home and don’t even have a bank account. I have a small surplus of about 50 $ a week, so that’s the amount I can easily invest with no fear, however investing 1000 is a little scary, unless in sure source. I thought about the alternatives:
– Mobile commerce (minimum firmware repair, replacement of something) or selling them at e-bay
– Minimal computer repair
– Doing Web design
– Putting the money at bank deposit.
How to invest as a teenager? Do you have any ideas for me?”

Well, Peter, th...

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