What are the Types of Insurance Policies?

What are the types of insurance policies? Here is a list of the different types of most often concluded insurances with a brief description.

Tort Liability Insurance
The protection applies when in connection with its business or property owned by the policy holder as a result of an unlawful act is obliged to repair the damage caused to third parties by causing death, injury or health (personal injury) or damage or destruction of property.

Personal Accident Insurance
Permanent consequences of accidents involving bodily injury or health disorder, causing permanent injury or death of the insured. An accident being insured is a sudden event caused by external cause, myocardial infarction, and stroke, which is not a consequence of long-term illness, as a result of which the insured suffered an injury, health disorder or died.

Insurance of Windows and other Glass Objects from Breakage
Window and door windows except windows in vehicles and means of transport, glazing walls and roofs, furinture glass plates, advertising showcases, counters, tables and cabinets, wall partitions, counters covers, boxes and enclosures, hanging mirrors or standing and permanently mounted signs, stained glass, neon tubes, glass liners.

Property Insurance in Domestic Transport
Property transported on the risk of insured, all means of transport in US on the basis of the national transport documentation, in accordance with the standards and laws of transport.

Devastation of Property Insurance
Agreement may be subject to premises and property within it: goods, raw materials, finished goods and property taken from a third party to perform the services, fences, lighting, and at the square supervised, provided that the storage of the property under the open sky is consistent with current standards. Permanent elements of the building, for example: walls, ceilings, floors, stoves, fireplaces, doors and windows, with the closure and signaling devices, embedded components, eg. furniture, wall units, kitchens, paneling, lighting.

Property Insurance against Damage Caused by Natural Disasters
Property owned by or in the possession of the policyholder, as well as the private property of its employees. Scope of Insurance: fire, explosion, lightning, falling aircraft, its parts or cargo, excluding fuel dump.

Insurance of Movable Property from Devastation (Vandalism)
The insurance covers current assets and the insured property.

Insurance against Fire and other Calamities
Buildings and structures, equipment, machinery, equipment and production tools, machines at shops, warehouses and other commercial and service spaces, offices, current assets, property taken from third parties to perform services, cash and other monetary values, adaptive expenditures, property personal use of employees employed by the policyholder. The scope of insurance: damage caused as a result of fire, direct lightning, explosion, collapse of the plane, hurricane, flood, torrential rain, hail, landslides, avalanches, consequential water damage, wheeled vehicle hit, rescue operation.

Insurance against Burglary and Robbery
Current assets, property of third parties, equipment and installations, cash and other monetary values. The scope of insurance: burglary – been committed or attempted, robbery – been committed or attempted, security repair costs.

Property Insurance against Fire and other Perils
Buildings and structures, equipment, working capital, capital expenditures, cash and money values outside lockers, cash in refractory lockers, electronic equipment. The scope of insurance: damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, collapse of the aircraft, strong winds, flooding, runoff on slopes, precipitation (hail and torrential rain), landslides, subsidence, landslides, avalanches, damage caused by water supply and fire fighting and demolition.

Personal Accident Insurance of Company Owner and Employees
Health and life of the company owner and employees.

Liability Insurance
Civil liability for damage caused to a third party (personal injury or property damage).

Liability Insurance of Directors of Companies
Liability protection if in connection with the duties of a board member is obliged under the Commercial Code to provide adequate compensation to the company, the shareholders, and to third parties.

Employer’s Liability Insurance for Accidents at Work
Damage caused to employees in respect of accidents at work.

This list of the most common types of insurance with a description of their scopes is obviously incomplete. I just decided to focus in this article on the most important types of insurances.