What to do with 1000 dollars ideas

What to do with 1000 dollars? If you just want to spend your $1000 you can simply buy xbox, new laptop, ipad, bike or other gadget you like or go for a trip. You can also gather more money to buy something more valuable like good, professional camera or camcorder to shot movies for youtube. These are just ideas of what can you do with 1000 dollars that crossed my mind first. However there are other options like paying your debts or investing this money.

What to do with 1000 dollars to invest?

1000 dollars is not a bad start for investing. I do not know if you know, but the financial market offers many various options that everybody can find something suitable there. But how to choose the best place to invest your cash? It all depends on what kind your personality is. Let me just name few of the risky investment that require nerves to deal with. These would include stocks and forex. Among safe investments there are: CDs, bonds and bank deposit. Learn more on investment options by looking through this site.

What to do with 1000 dollars as a teenager?

what to do with 1000 dollars nowOf course as a teenager you can spend your $1000 any way you like. But mind what is written above in this article. The other way is investing and multiplying your 1000 dollars. Many investors would say a thousand dollars is not enough to start investing. But ask yourself – if not now when you’re young then when? It’s even better if you start as soon as possible and learn how to manage your money. If you deposit money, let’s say $1000 every year at a good interest rate like 5% after 5 years you will have at least 5800 dollars. Anyway, whatever way you choose – spending or investing 1000 dollars it’s all up to you.

Take a look at video of a guy who would spend 1000 dollars on shoes and jeans.

I think that’s a good idea if you had no shoes or jeans at all or they were torn or worn. Having a few jeans and shoes I’d rather not buy more. But that’s me.

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