What to invest in now

In this article I will tell you what to invest in now, so that your profits were as high as possible. The process of multiplying money should be as far as possible compatible with your aptitudes and abilities.  What to invest money in 2013 to multiply your money effectively?
Of course you can invest in any way and no one can forbid you to do this. However if you do not have a clue about it, and decide, for instance, to trade shares on the Stock Exchange, being guided by intuition, of course, you can earn, but often, however, the happiness won’t last long probably and eventually you might lose all the money you invested.
So, what to invest in nowadays safely? If you are familiar with investments you will definitely know that the biggest gains brings the forex market which operates throughout the world, and your local Stock Exchange.
However, both of these forms require the investor to have a certain experience. You must get that experience in advance to be able to efficiently invest money and enjoy the profits.
There is also the different option to invest in now, for people who do not have a clue and do not want to expand their knowledge in this area. There are bank deposit and mutual funds for them. Gains on such kind of investments are relatively small, however, the risk is almost non-existent.

How or what to invest in nowadays

moneysKeep the money in the bank deposit – is perceived as safe investment and provide only a minimal profit. Suitable rather to save and stop spending money than for investing purposes. In fact, you can make on them even more than 10% per year.
Investing in Forex – currency is a real investment! Rates change like a kaleidoscope, and you can play online in real time. Moreover, investors usually receive high levels of leverage, so unprecedented fluctuations can give a large profit.
Playing at the stock market – that is an option, at which every investor looks first. Much depends here on your knowledge, having access to signals from the market and sitting in the topic as long as you use fundamental analysis. You may also use technical analysis and cost-effectiveness study based on sentiments of other investors. Either way – knowledge helps to invest in the stock market.
Investment funds – shares of several companies combined in packages and managed by the fund. How to invest in mutual funds? Here, the case is simple – we give them the money and pray that they manage to earn.
Gold, silver and oil – investing in all commodities is basically similar. You buy contracts for these raw materials mostly, rarther than a gold bars. These are the most common options of what to invest in now but the decision is yours.

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