Which investment gives the highest return?

Which investment gives the highest return? Many investment options exist that offer high return on your money. There are a few investment plans for high returns, but people that look for making a quick cash ought to be warned against all the possible risks. Below is a list of investments that yield more on your money. The investment portfolio should ensure you high yield, as low risk as possible and diversity.

Where I have to invest for best returns ?


Stocks have always brought the highest rates of return among all investments possible. If you put your money into specific stocks your return can be very high over several years or decades. All you need to do is predict which companies will be going to do well in the future. You can start investing in stocks no matter you have $3000 or $30000 dollars. Average stock annual return is about 7%, some have more like AOL or America Online in the 90s (21%), however many stocks may underperform when compared to the market averages. And this is the major risk when investing at the stock market. By choosing bad options you could lose all your money. Stocks offer highest return but along with high levels of risk. It’s up to you to decide whether the high yield profit is worth the risk of losing moeny you invested.

which investment gives the highest return nowThis year will be difficult for investors again, and this is due to the difficult economic situation in several countries of the European Union. The biggest problems are of course the Greeks, but also Portugal, Spain and Italy do not hold on very well. Investors would do well to think about how this situation will affect the ratings of individual companies in the global marketplace. It is certainly not worth investing in commodity markets, which in this year is unlikely to go up. Just look at the demand for oil, which is bound to have an impact on quotations of largest oil companies. It is also known that a good move would be investing in gold and silver, because the price of these metals almost always increases.

Which investment gives the highest return –┬áMutual Funds

Mutual funds (professionally managed broad range collections of stocks and bonds) are also often chosen by investors for their high yield returns. However even mutual funds are a risky investment, therefore, best way to lower the risk is diversifying. Do this by buying many mutual funds that offer a broad range of stocks and other investments like automobile manufacturers, health care, real estate etc.


For people who are able to predict the behavior of exchange rates by information coming from the world of politics and economies of richest countries the recommended high returns option would be forex ( foreign currency exchange). If you will sense the proper moment of buying and selling of different currencies you can earn a lot. Many people made the money in this unusual way of investing. Large profits can also be provided by buying the shares of small, rapidly growing companies that deal with high technology. Research firms do significant progress each year, and with every breakthrough discovery their value increases significantly. Finding suitable investment sectors is not easy, but it is worth the effort, because the gains from investing can be more than satisfactory. Just look at the activities of the major investors who enrich themselves primarily in shares of niche companies.

Summing up – which investment gives the highest return? Although I mentioned only three investments that give highest return: stocks, forex and mutual funds, there are other options as well. High profits can also be achieved by investing in: real estate, security bonds or your own business. However, all kinds of investing requires to gain some knowledge first.┬áRead all you can get in your hands about the stock market and investing before you start.

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