Who is the world’s greatest investor?

Who is the world’s greatest investor? How Warren Buffett invests? Omaha billionaire is known for his long-term investments. As he declares, he is not interested in playing at the stock market, in particular, is not interested in the so-called day trading, the purchase and sale of the same qualities in a single day. He said he always buys shares on the assumption that the next day the stock market may close up to five years. “The best time frame holding the stock is forever” – says one of the quotes. Patience separates Buffett from nervous investors. He’s probably the most recognizable investor, called sage of Omaha, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, one of the richest men in the world. He provided an inexhaustible source of witty quotes for journalists working in the stock exchange business.

who is the world's greatest investorHow he made ​​his money? Name of Warren Buffett should be known among even all those who have little interest in the stock market and capital market. He is the most famous American investor and billionaire, who became known not only for successful investments, but also a number of publications. The latter are written in an individual style of reports to investors, which became mine notes for authors writing about the stock market and finance. His popularity is combined with the fact that he is a great speaker.

Born into a wealthy family so it is difficult to speak about him in the case of a career from rags to riches. Warren’s father was a stockbroker, which probably influenced his son’s interest in investing. Apparently, the first money the future billionaire earned before the age of seven was buying a six-pack of Coca-Cola for 25 cents that he sold for 5 cents a piece. As a teenager, he invested in the company of his father and also bought a farm run by a tenant. With these and other investments, finishing college, he had 90 000 U.S. dollars in his pocket.

Who is the world’s greatest investor? – documentary

The documentary is about legendary Warren Buffett. You’ll see why he’s also famous for his low lifestyle.